About us

The primary aim of the International Harvest Plan (IHP) and its founder Pastor Stephan Steinle are the unreached three billion people of our time, who have never been given an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This evangelistic ministry started in 1992 with first missions-outreaches into village-areas of South-India. Since 1995 it developed into an apostolic ministry, which conducted a total of 73 evangelistic campaigns in 15 years. At the same time pioneer-churches were founded in these hub-village-locations in rural parts of South-India. More than three million unreached people have heard the message of Jesus Christ for the first time through the efforts of this ministry.

The five day evangelistic campaigns are accompanied by many supernatural healing-miracles and dramatic deliverances from demonic powers. Whole regions, inhabited by hundreds of thousands of unreached people, are being touched and affected by the demonstration of the power of the Gospel of Jesus. Through the dedicated ministry of young pastors and co-workers the Kingdom of God continues to be built long-term after the example of the book of Acts.

In 2004 the IHP extended its outreach into the country of Pakistan. Since then approx. 40 healing-conventions have been conducted in many cities and villages of Pakistan. More than 400’000 people have come to know and receive the wonderful message of salvation through Jesus.

The International Harvest Plan stands for:

  • Evangelistic campaigns in village-areas of India and Pakistan.
  • Evangelistic- and teaching-ministry in Europe and worldwide.
  • Training and teaching of native Christians.
  • Support of native co-workers and pioneer-missionaries.
  • Formation of pioneer-churches.
  • Construction of churchbuildings.
  • Formation, support and conducting of Christian Schools.
  • Conducting and support of village clinics.
  • Various relief programms in disaster areas.